The Majestic Tree

TreeTrees are an irreplaceable component of the living earth.

A tree is a living thing it has a woody stem, a root system, and branches that are covered in seasonal leaves. It may have flowers and produce various fruits.

Trees can be broadly defined as perennial woody plants that are least 13ft tall with a single trunk and a well developed crown of branches, twigs, flowers and or leaves.


leafEnvironment Size and Competition.

A trees size and shape is determined by its genetic makeup, but growth is also affected by environmental factors such as moisture, light and competition from other species. Trees growing in crowded environments will only support compact crowns, due to the competition for light resources.

Some species at high altitudes grow knotty and twisted as a result of exposure to high winds.



Nature Oxygen, Food and Erosion. 

Among the most beautiful and useful products of nature is the tree. Trees have been cherished since ancient times. Tall TreeThe oxygen we breathe is released by trees and other green plants, trees prevent soil erosion and provide food and cover for animals all over the world.

They also supply almost countless products ranging from coal and timber to paper and plastics.


Native Trees

Worldwide the number of tree species may exceed over 50,000, of these about 690 are native to the United States and Canada.


Ecology and the mighty tree.

Trees are vitally important to animals as well as other plants. Baby BirdsBirds, mammals, insects and other wildlife use trees as nesting sites, for shelter from the weather, for refuge from predators and as food both directly and indirectly.

Countless insects live on leaves and countless birds depend on insects for sustenance.

While trees serve wildlife in various ways, many trees are also dependant on wildlife for pollination and seed dispersal.



Identification of a tree

Trees assume a variety of shapes.

 A young tree might not look entirely like a mature tree of the same species, a natural forest grown tree, competing for sunlight with other trees and reaching for the light, might be taller, Geeseslender and restricted in its branching compared to a  home grown or field grown tree where plenty of sun, soil and moisture have enabled it to develop a maximum crown.

Identification of trees requires plenty of practice, field guide manuals are available.